Safety notices for visiting our assembly halls and TestCenter

    Your safety and that of our staff is our number one priority.Therefore,we believe it is crucial that we provide you with important information about your visit before you arrive.

    We will provide you with a safety jacket that clearly identifies you as a visitor before you visit.

    Should you have to deviate from the prescribed route,for example to perform acceptance of our products,you will have to wear safety boots.If overhead work is being performed,for example in vibratory equipment assembly,hard hats will also have to be worn.

    We will of course provide you with this protective equipment when you enter the final assembly area.Please feel free to bring your own safety boots or head protection if you prefer.

    We hope you appreciate that mobile phones and cameras cannot be used in our TestCenter and assembly halls.We would ask that you leave these items at reception before visiting.

    Thank you for your attention.We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to your visit.

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    Information about your personal safety