Who we are and what we do

    Virtually every industry is involved with weighingand feeding of some kind.Be it putting the right number of gherkins ina 370 millimetre jar,producing the optimum aluminium for a Formula 1engine or blending the right material for a complex bridge construction– no sector of industry isn't involved in accurate feeding.

    亚搏电竞Schenck Process is the world market leader in measuring and process technology.Today,the company,founded more than 135 years ago as an iron foundry and scales factoryin Darmstadt,is a global player.Thinking globally and acting locally isn't a call from a centraltelephone support centre,it's a team nearby guiding and planning everything for you – fromoptimizing processes to developing customized solutions.

    With an unrivalled global network of sites and competent partners,the name 亚搏电竞Schenck Processis synonymous throughout the world with process expertise and well-engineered measuringtechnology for weighing,喂养,conveying,thermal processing,pulverizing and classification,screening,mixing and blending,air filtration and automation.

    Harnessing the core competencies and capabilities of the Group members,the 亚搏电竞Schenck ProcessGroup is organised along three Business Units (BU).Whether you are planning processing plants,feeding bulk solids,controlling material flow,recording commodity flow,weighing goods orautomating manufacturing and transportation operations – 亚搏电竞Schenck Process is your reliablepartner.

    Experts in weighing and feeding